Lee Anthony Plays Diplomatic in Zenaida Gonzalez's Case

Casey Anthony's brother Lee Anthony has deposed in the case against his sister filed by the ex nanny Zenaida Gonzalez. He firmly said that he believe what his sister says. That has more than helped Casey's case. But on the other hand, he also denied recognizing Zenaida Gonzalez as the baby sitter whom his sister described as the one who took Caylee, Casey's daughter.Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyer is going to take up the issue of Lee not answering one vital question. Lee Anthony was asked straight whether he believed that his sister Casey killed her daughter Caylee. Lee didn't answer this question.The Caylee marie Case: Three years old Caylee Marie went missing in June 2008. He mother Casey Anthony didn't report her disappearnce for a month, which is suspicious and led the police to make a case against Casey. In December last year the cops found out Caylee's remains buried some houses away from her home.

Brian Dawkins to Leave Philadelphia and Join Denever Broncos?

That's news to me. The mainstay of Philadelphia Eagles'defense is leaving his team for better pay check at Denver Broncos. Well this is the trend now a days. But it is more heart wrenching in this case. Brian Dawkins has been with Philadelphia Eagles from the first day of his professional career. Rumors are rife that he will be taking Ray Lewis along with him. The aging star is likely to retire with Denver Broncos as there is no other alternative for him now. Make hay while the sunshine.


Where is Shehnaz Sheikh?

We used to watch Ankahi, Tanhaiyaan and Dhoop Kinare at least once every year on rented video player. I never got the names of actors as they were in Urdu. Years later when Marina khan acted in an Indian serial Tanha,that I got to know her name. I was googling about her today and Shehnaz Shekh's name turned up in one of her interviews.It is really surprising that Shehnaz Shekh acted in only two dramas. She is one of my favorite Pakistani actresses. I was also surprised to find out that she was the original choice for Heena. I am sure if she had accepted the role, the movie would have been one of the biggest hits instead of the dud flop that was made.


Ever Associated Songs with Past?

Sometimes when I hear a song played somewhere, I get nostalgic feelings related to the song. Most often the past memory associated with the song is related to a place I lived before. Sometimes a song reminds me of my state of mind at a particular time. Whenever I hear the song Awaaz do humko, hum Kho Gaye, kab neend se jage kab so gaye from the movie Dushman( starring Kajol, Jas Arora and Sanjay Dutt), I feel a jab of pain in my heart. I was passing through a low period in my life at the time when this movie was released. The song became a major hit and used to play everywhere.
Another song which reminds me of something is 'Jhoom barabar jhoom' from the movie with the same name. We were in London when Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was released. My daughter liked this song so much that I had to play it over ten times a day. Now when I get to hear this song it reminds me of London, and the house where we used to live.
The third memory is very recent. Last year when we were here in Edinburgh, Ananya's favorite cartoon was Bambi, and she watched it repeatedly. Now when she watches the cartoon movie, I feel as if I am in that same house where we lived a year ago.


June is reserved for Isle of Wight Festival

My husband has become a big rock fan after coming to UK. When we were in London, we used to go to nearly every major music concert in the city. We will be going to Newport for Isle of Wight Festival 2009. I have yet to confirm the booking at Shanklin Accommodation.
I hear that Basement Jaxx have confirmed their participation in the festival. Isle of Wight Festival 2009 is a well known music festival where international as well as famous homegrown bands play. In 2007, Rolling stones performed here after many years. Other music celebrities who have participated in the festival include Bob Dylon, Chris Martin, David Bowie and Jimmy Hendirx to name a few.

Akshay Does his Bit for AIDS

No my dearies, Akshay Kumar is not going to spread AIDS by any means, you have got the Title of my post all in the wrong way. What I meant to say was that Akshay Kumar is going to spread awareness about AIDS. Along with "Billu" director Priyadarshan. He is going to work in the acclaimed director's movie on AIDS related subject. Because the movie is being made on a tight budget of only one crore, Akshay has decided to charge a very nominal fee. Good going Akshay.


MoviesPlanet: A Review

Last week my husband's colleague's mother came to stay with us,as the girl had to go to London for some training. Now her mother is very fond of watching Balkia Vadhu, and she insisted that I watch should watch it too. I am not that great a fan of Indian soap operas.After she had finished watching her favorite show, I decided to watch Madagascar: Escape to Africa. And I couldn't find any link to watch it online for free!Can you believe it? I mean there are sites which claim to provide free movies, but actually direct you to other links but all of them lead to a particular site which require you to download their toolbar. I don't trust such sites.So I went on to my search for Madagascar, and landed on Its a site where you can watch movies online for free.You can and download movies too. The site provides links to watch the movies. There are many TV shows also to watch. You also have different sections like Mistakes, Trivia, Soundtrack, etc. to give you additional information about the movie or the show you want to watch.
The one category which I found cool, is called knots, It basically tells you how many times a particular movie had been referenced in other movies or which movies make a dig at this film. You will also find latest news related to celebrities and movies here.
How the site works: You search for a movie by typing the name of the movie, you are taken to overview page where you get the summary of the movie. On the upper right corner you will find an icon Watch Online. I think this icon should be placed below the image of the movie, so that the first timers or the ones who have landed on the site through search engines, don't find it an uphill task to find the link. The links are for watching the movie online as well as for downloading it. I give a thumbs up to, because only this site provided me the link to my daughter's favorite movie " Finding Nemo." I couldn't find a single link elsewhere, and was thinking of downloading a torrent ( again a very risky procedure, you never know if the file is infected) before I found it on MoviesPlanet.


Watched Dark Angel After a Long Time

I am watching Dark Angel after a long time. In this episode, Lydakar is after Max. This is the show that catapulted Jessica Alba to fame. She plays the main lead Max Guevara. She has been taken to the jail after a failed attempt to steal her pills from a pharmacy. Logan is worried as she isn't returning his calls. He goes to the courier company's base and finds out that she hasn't reported there either. He tracks her down by hacking the jail's computer. Logan asks Original Cindy to help him get Max out of jail.He puts Cindy in jail with the help of a police officer friend. Max has been transferred to Jailer's quarters, where her condition is getting worse by the hour. Original Cindy gets into the warden's apartment with the help of a friendly first-timer. When Max has taken her medicine, and the jailer comes to threaten her, she grabs him by the neck and pulls him high. Cindy intervenes. "Damn girl, what was in those pills?" And Max replies"-Spinach."
I haven't watched the other part yet. Of course Max would get away easily now that she has had her pills. It will be good to see Lydakar's face when he fails once more.
Those who don't know what I am talking about, let me get you acquainted with the most riveting futuristic TV Shows. Dark Angel started in 1990s and it lasted only two seasons, but not before it had acquired millions of fans like me. The idiots at FOX, didn't give any explanations of taking the show off the air midway.
Dark Angle tells the crusade of a transgenic to trace her lost brothers and sisters after they escaped from the facility called Manticore. Manticore was a project to turn humans into war machines by making them far superior to humans through genetic alteration. Pregnant girls were brought to the facility and later they were forced to depart from their new borns and sent back to their villages. These new-borns were injected with gene altering medicines,thus enhancing their sensory powers and abilities. Once twelve children escape the facility and get separated. Max Guevara is one of them and she is trying to find others after ten years.