Beauty And The Dwarf

Rolling Stone icon Mick Jagger was looking like a dwarf in front of her girlfriend when they attended a charity banquet in London.
Though Jagger is 5' 10", this is nothing in comparison to 6' 4" of his girlfriend L'Wren Scott.

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London Goes The Bollywood Way

So Bollywood is coming to London. Ealing Institute of Media will start Bollywood Training School. Indian actors Tabu, Anupam Kher, Urmila Matondakar and Boman Irani will teach in this school, which will start in September. Great news for all the wannabes in London. Bollywood movies have a huge fan base in London. Most of the movies recover their money if they are successful overseas, but flop in India. So lately Bollywood has seen a flood of movies targeted on the overseas audience, such as Goal, Kabhi Alwida Na Kahna, Kbhi Khushi Kabhi Gham etc.

Conspiracy Against the Audience

Movie: Conspiracy Cast: Val Kilmer,Jennifer Esposito, Gary Cole, Greg Serano
Director: Gary Marcus
McPherson says to a baddie," Tell Rhodes, hell is coming to God's own country." Well it sure must have been hell for the audience to watch this movie. Val Kilmer as McPherson sleepwalks through the whole film.He has only his pout to show in the name of acting.Where is that taut performance of Deja vu and Summer love? Kilmer has has put on weight and definitely rethink before taking up action movies.The pace of movie is pathetically slow.All the action, whatever that is, is in the end. The end is not satisfactory. How can you buy that an ex marine soldier simply puts a knife in villain's( whom the whole town dreads and fears) back, after 5 minutes of a badly shot shooting sequence. The characters are not convincing either.They are not developed properly.McPherson's friend Miguel has no remarkable quality for which he should hold a special place in McPherson's heart. But he goes to help him out. We get to see Miguel only in flash backs.The bad guy Rhodes, the female lead Joanna, or the deputy sheriff, all have half baked roles to play.The movie conspiracy is definitely a conspiracy against the audience.