Rakhi Sawant and Mika on the Same Stage?

Yes that's true that Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh shared same stage recently, and not only that, Mika showered praises on Rakhi. Well it was the occasion for Ye hai Jalwa, a new reality show. Mika was among the judges, and Rakhi Sawant was one of the participants. She performed on the song Ye ladka hai diwana from Kuch Kuch Hota hai.


Pictures of Aamir Khan's Nephew Imran

Aamir Khan's nephew Imran Khan is making his debut with home production Jane Tu yaa jane na. Actually Kidnap should have been Imran's first movie, but it got delayed because of Sanjay dutt's arrest and subsequent drama that followed. Imran was also considered for the lead role in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Delhi6, but then dropped.

Aamir Accepts an Award

Finally the reclusive Aamir khan came out of his shell and broke his long tradition of not accepting any awards.He was given the Dinanath Mangeshkar award by Latamangeshkar. Aamir said that he would have come to the award ceremony at all cost ( he had been badly injured during the shooting of ghajni).He is very proud to accept this award which has also been given to Amitabh Bachachan and Dilip Kumar earlier.

Trailer of Sarkar Raj

The sequel of Sarkar, Sarkar Raj has been called adventures of Sarkar family.


Tashan: Movie Review

Movie Tashan starrs Anil Kapoor,Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. It is a story about a Don ( Anil Kapoor) and his fetish to speak English. To improves his English pronunciation, he ropes in Jimmy, who is a call center executive. Jimmy is reluctant and afraid to be in the close vicinity of a don, but Pooja( Kareena Kapoor) persuades him to do the job.Akshay has an interesting role, which I am not going to disclose. Tashan is a movie to enjoy with friends.Anil Kapoor played a don in Welcome too.
Kareena's dance steps and even her dress all look like Aishwarya Rai's copy in Dhoom. No wonder. Both movies are from yashraj camp, so a similarity between costumes and dance sequence is understandable. Remember how Yash Chopra used to drape the heroins in all his movies in Shiffon saris before the advent of mini skirts?
Kareena i looking stunning and hot. Her hot bod will give goose bumps to many aspiring actresses. I think her split with Shahid has agreed on her physique.

Arbaaz and Malaika Controversy: A Publicity Stunt

So this was all publicity stunt? Kudos to you Arbaaz and Malaika. Now we hear that the celebrity couple isn't getting divorced after all. It was all a part of the advertiing campagin that Arbaaz and Malaika did for Ponds.
Shame on you guys. Now Arbaaz is blah blaing something about family values and honor of his wife. Was he drunk or had his brain operated, when he agreed to be a part of this publicity gimmick? Now when all the bad publicity has made him look in a bad light, that he has come clean. Apparently he is not as thick skinned as his brother Salman Khan, who has a way to court controversies and remain unaffected.


Anil Kapoor: The New Evergreen Hero of Bollywood

There is always so much speculation and anticipation whenever a Rani Mukherji or Aishwarya Rai movie is about to be released. Every channel and paper would describe the sucess or faliure of thei movies vis a vis their ranking in the bollywood hierarchy. But there seems to be no such demarcation for our heroes, and they couldn't care less ( after all, even a C grade hero is better paid than an A grade heroin. Cinema IS a reflection of society, isn't it?)

When watching Welcome, I was wondering about the simple perseverance of Anil kapoor. He was at no.1 position in his prime and still command plum roles. His daughter has reportedly said that he will be chasing teenage girls ( in movies) even after she gets old.

It is interesting that most of the popular heroes are in their 40's. Akshay kumar redisovered himself in comedy movies after getting stamped as action hero.It is said that he is again turing to action. Good for him, he was becoming too casual in his approach towards comedy.
Anyways back to the topic at hand. Anil Kapoor plays a suave detective in the movie Race, with dumb secretary in tow. I was reminded of Karamchand, while watching Anil Kapoor uncover the mystery. I hear that he has performed with his usual aplomb in Tashan also.

Malaika and Arbaaz to Divorce?

This is the news that had me come out of my slumber. Malaika Arora khan and Arbaz are to get divorce? Now that's The News of the Day. This is one couple after Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, which I thought would be ever committed and devoted to each other. Malaika always seemed to be such a mature and cool headed lass, totally opposite of her younger sister Amrita Arora.
I wonder how they have come to such a step, though both are keeping silence on the matter of divorce and both are not ready to discuss anything in public. It seems that brother Salman Khan's bachelor days had have an effect on Arbaaz or is it something to do with Arbaaz not getting any movie assignments and Malaika gaining popularity as an item girl and after judging the popular TV show Nach Baliye? If that's the case then Malaika Arora is better off on her own. A man should know how to handle his own failure and his wife's success. This is not medieval age, where you could restrict a woman to the four walls of home and pretend to be the only one with a brain.


The Godfather: Ultimate Gangster Movie

· With The Godfather Trilogy, Francis Ford Coppola reinvented the gangster film for modern audiences. Coppola recast the mafia film as a Gone with the wind family saga, the complexities of underworld life now effectively dramatized. Men who, in their solemn offices, coldly give orders to kill are the same men who attend marriages and baptisms.
The mafia as a dual personality became the subject of this Best Picture Oscar winner and of the mob movies to follow. Amazingly, Coppola managed to outdo himself with his sequel. Considerably darker than the original, Godfather 11 allowed Coppola to distance himself from the first film’s romanticized view of Michael Corleone ( Al Pacino). His boyish charm gone, Corleone emerged as a man able to maintain his power only by cutting himself off from all the love and emotion.

· In the final scene, Michael Coeleone sits on his private island; his wife long since deserted him, his brother Fredo dead at his own command. As he stares glumly into the camera, Michael bears no resemblance to the heroes of classic gangster movies.

· Since the Godafather saga is based on a sense of continuity, Coppola necessarily introduced a young character who related to Michel much as Michael, in his youth, related to Don Vito (Marlon Brando). This is Vincent Mancini (Andy Garcia), illegitimate son of Michael’s long deceased brother Sonny (James Caan). Vincent insinuates himself into the family and the family business, eliminating enemies like Joey Zasa ( Joe Montegna) while seducing Michael’s daughter ( Sofia Coppola). Garcia, just then making headway toward becoming a superstar for the nineties, was all anyone could have hoped for as Vincent Mancini. On the other hand Sofia Coppola proved to be the key casting flaw. Winona Ryder had been signed to play the role of Mary, but when she dropped out of the project, Coppola was desperate to move on at once, casting his daughter.

· Also notably absent was Robert Duvall, who had played the family lawyer and adopted son, Tom Hagen. When he held out for an impossible fee, Duvall was at last replaced with George Hamilton, who gave a competent performance, but couldn’t fill the shoes of Duvall.

· Like so many other mob movies , GodfatherIII, takes sacred-cow institutions and make them appear no better than organized crime. Other films did this to government, the banking industry, and the big business, but GodfatherIII went further, insisting that the Catholic Church is knee-deep in dirt. Not only does Michael Corleone easily buy himself a place of honor by donating laundered money; Machiavellian characters are here seen plotting, counterplotting, even sanctifying murder in the pursuit of their self interests.

· I like the dialougue, “ Finance is a gun, and politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.