Celebrities Who Aged Miserably

I found this post while stumbling the sites. Most of the names justify their inclusion. Though I don't know why they included Jamie Lee Curtis and Haely Joel Osmont in the list. Both still look adorable. I am not surprised that Val Kilmer has made it to this list. He really looks terrible. I was shocked to watch him in Conspiracy.


Parallels between Holywood and Mafia

Just as working class Sicilians formed the Mafia to give themselves a sense of togetherness and protect themselves from bullying landowners, so the Jews who created Hollywood did so partly as a buffer against the protestant elite. Hollywood become a kingdom of their own. And, like Sicilian immigrants, the first generation studio bosses decided to police themselves rather than let outsiders in.
Mafia and the studios have sometimes structured themselves in the same way, with a nominal chief executive acting as a lighting rod-deflecting away from the powerful board. Therefore, Louis B. Mayer may have been the public face of MGM-and for many years, the highest paid executive in America-but its real boss was Nick Schenck, chairman of holding company Loew's in New York. In much the same way, Frank Nitti was the supposed head of the Chicago Outfit, but the real power lay with board members Joe "Batters" Accardo and Murray "the Camel" Humphreys.
Even today, there are similarities between Hollywood and the Mafia. Although there are few barriers to entry into the movie business, at the highest levels Hollywood becomes Costa Nostra, literally translated as 'This Thing of Ours'. One of the famous lines in The Godfather is 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' So today's studio heads attend each other's charity dinners, celebrity golf matches and even go to holiday together.
When former agent Brad Grey took over Paramount in 2005, one of the first things that he did was pay his respects to the other studio bosses-the new godfather doing the rounds of the other dons.
Variety, Hollywood's daily newspaper, refers to studio producer executives as 'capos', an abbreviation of the Mafia term capo regime, or street boss.
The key resemblance between Hollywood and the Mafia is that both are to an extent secret societies, whose members never peak to outsiders. In Mafia parlance, the inner circle has sworn to keep omerta. Don Corleone tells his son never to let anybody outside the family know what he is thinking. In much the same way, Hollywood expels those who break the Sacred Code of Silence. When producer Julia Philips, who won an Academy award for The Sting, wrote an autobiography, You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again, ridiculing studio executives, the community shunned her. Philips died of cancer in 2002.


Chandni Chowk to China is a Good Entertainer

A cross between comedy and action movie Chandni Chowk to China is an attempt to make Akshay Kumar an Indian Jackie Chan. The plot is not original and it lacks in finer details. How come Sakhi escapes unhurt from Hojo's hideout though he knows that she is Meow Meow's twin sister? A laborer is slashed to death when he points a knife on Hojo's son. But the conspirators who bring Lui Sheng to China are not even threatened let alone killed or punished. Even after Meow Meow comes to know the truth about her father, Hojo lets her be in his gang,why doesn't he get rid of the enemy's daughter who is of no use to him?

Anyways, these are only minor glitches. If these points were to be taken care of, the movie would have been full of blood and gore and would have lost its comic touch.
Deepika Padukon has done some smashing action moves in Chandni Chowk to China. Beside that she doesn't have much to do, though she is in a double role. But she has once again showed that she is here to stay. Deepika Padukon has very expressive eyes,and she will be better suited for sad and tragic roles. Though she is apt at comedy too.
Chandni Chowk to China belongs to Akshay Kumar all the way. He is marvelous as Dhaba worker/Sabji cutter. He has already proved his comic abilities,I think he should be turned Comedy King. Govinda used to hold that title, but Akshay Kumar is a far better actor than Govinda and he has given us good, family entertainers unlike Govinda.
My husband rued the fact that only ten people had come to watch Chandni Chowk to China where as Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi got a house full. He believed that Akshay Kumar is quite popular in UK.
But you can't compare Akshay Kumar with Shahrukh Khan overseas. He has got Indian as well as Pakistani supporters.


Slumdog Millionaire: An Over Hyped Movie

We went to watch this movie in rain. I was supposed to take my daughter with me and two of our friends had to join us in the theater. After we had bought the tickets, the doorman told that it is 15 certificate movie so toddlers are not allowed. Luckily my husband was with me so he took crying Ananya home.
The movie shows the journey of a slum dweller from rags to riches. The teenage Jamal Malik is not hungry for money. He has eyes only for Latika, who is his childhood sweetheart. Slumdog millionaire is a love story told in an unusual manner, but with all the cliches about Bollywood and India. The sulm scenes are very realistic. But sitting in a hall in Edinburgh, you get the feeling that Danny Boyle has purposely shot these scenes to embarass Indians. Is there no poverty or hunger in Western countries?
The scene I liked most: Little Jamal is trapped in a makeshift toilet, when he hears that Amitabh Bachchan has come for shooting in their slum. He is frantic to get out and get a glimpse of his idol. He can't come out as Salim has latched the door from the outside. The only way out is the hole where heap of shit is sitting. Jamal jumps down without thinking for a second. He runs towards the crowd, covered from head to toe in poo.
Dev patel is convincing, though I liked the acting of the younger Jamal better. Anil Kappor is wasted in Slumdog Millionaire.


Online Games for Kids

My husband' s friend has two sons aged nine and ten. Both like to play games on computer. They have one PC at home, and they are always fighting to get hold of the keyboard to play games. When they come to our house, its a treat for them. One boy switches on the PC while the other hooks on the laptop. Their mother and I are left in peace to talk. Sometimes I also join them in their escapades. The younger one found a game on MEGA Brands Kids Zone and his brother too followed suit. They egged me to play with them, but as always I preferred to watch them overcome various difficulties and enemies.
Mega brand is an online toy and activities store. They also offer free online games for children. While roaming around in the games area, I found one game Dragon Krystal Warrior
I liked the sound of the clinking metal.The mission for the player is to become the dragon master in the Aurios Army. For that, the player has to take as many plasma krystals as he can. Though I couldn't get past level one ( crystal score was 400, and the end score: 0), I found the game interesting and engaging.
Different Keys and their functions:
Space bar: attack
Arrow keys: move ahead or back
When you kill the enemy, you get various types of crystals. When my daughter takes her nap, I am planning to revert back to this game.


I Couldn't Find Original Tamil Ghajini Online

Watched Ghajini yesterday. Sad, but impressive movie. Asin has acted much better than Aamir khan in Ghajini. Aamir looks tired, when he is with Asin. Whereas Asin does a remarkable job as a bubbly and vivacious girl, who can easily tell a lie with a flat face. HERE IS THE LINK TO WATCH GHAJINI ONLINE.
I read somewhere that Asin was a three year toddler when Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was released.It was one of the reasons that I didn't watch Ghajini till now. I haven't even watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, though my husband insists I do. He plays it every time we have guests at home. I just don't like an old, wrinkled Shahrukh being paired with a girl more than half his age.
Anyways, Asin is worth watching for Asin, the storyline and the impeccable acting by Amir khan. I am not contradicting what I said before. Aamir is mismatched with Asin. But no one can dispute his acting credentials. It is a treat to watch him. He looks all the part of a love stricken business tycoon.
With Aaamir has broken the string of meaningful, patriotic movies that he made( Sarfarosh, Lagaan,Magal Pandey, Rang De Basanti, Tare Zameen Par). Ghajini is out and out commercial entertainer.
When Ghajini ends, you yearn that Sanjay's memory come back.He has already gone through an ordeal, now he must have some peace with his past, which he only remembers in bits and pieces.