A List of Bollywood Celebrity Blogs

Aamir Khan made blogging hip and happening and Amitabh bachachan followed suit. But do you know that it was Bipasha Basu, who was the first Indian actor to start blogging. Nana Patekar, Prakash Jha and Bipasha Basu began blogging during the filming of the their movie Apharan. Later Bipasha used her blog to clear the controversy surrounding her and Ronaldo.
Aamir uses the medium of blogging to unwind his intellectual self to his audience. Whereas Big B has taken to blogging to settle unsettled scores and clear his name. Both Aamir and Amitabh Bachchan have benefited from their latest endeavour i.e. blogging.
Amitabh Bachchan's blog: Big Blog
Aamir Khan's blog: Aamir
Salaman Khan's blog: Dus Ka Dum
Shahrukh Khan's blog: Shahrukh Blogs
Karan Johar's blog: My name is Karan
Shekhar Kapur's Blog: Shekhar Kapur
Gul Panag's blog: Gulspace
Payal Rohatgi's blog: Payal Rohatgi
Ramgopal Varma's blog: My blog
Its good that more and more Bollywood stars are taking to blogging. This is a great way for fans to reach their idols whom they may otherwise never meet.


A watch for My Brother-in law

I will be returning to India next month. I am thinking of taking either a jacket or a watch for my brother-in law. I think Luminox Navy SEAL Watch will suit his personality. He is a tall and smart guy. Sporty gear looks fabulous on him. The site where I found this watch, sells all types of police gear, ranging from under armour jackets, holsters, duty gear, flashlights, tactical shirts and pants, and elbow pads to footwear and boots. My brother-in law isn't a cop and he is not even in the army, but he likes to collect stuff which is not ordinary or run of the mill. I am sure he will like his watch.

Knight Rider: Idea Lifted From Indian Movie

When I first read the summary of Knight rider, I was reminded of the 2004 Hindi movie Taarzan: The Wonder car. Both stories have car as the main protagonist. But the similarity ends here. In Taarzan, the hero is the son of the murdered scientist, and he has little to do to avenge his father's death. In Knight Rider, the scientist is not murdered, but he escapes a dangerous attck. Knight rider is a TV movie and it has been developed into a series now.Which reminds me of another of my favorite TV series of 80s or 90s, Street Hawk. We loved this serial.


Cool Dancing Graphics

Today I saw a trackback in spam list on my other blog. Just out of curiosity I followed that link, it was some drug de-addiction site. What caught my attention was the graphics of a dancing girl. I turned the mouse over the grphics and clicked,nothing happened, only a word comments appeared.I deleted the spam and then googled for dancing graphics. And I found the dancing graphics that I was looking for. You can download the dancing graphics at commmentprops. I liked three of them and I am displaying one here. I will be using them from time to time in my posts.


Movie Review: Kung fu Panda

Believe.....believe in yourself, believe in what you do. This is the message the movie Kung fu Panda has for you. The message is not drummed into your head, but subtly brought to your attention. Kung fu Panda is a simple movie with a simple plot, still it entertains you. I liked the movie so much that I watched it twice, back to back. Even now, while I am writing this review of Kung fu Panda, the movie is playing in another browser. Kung fu Panda tells the story of a clumsy panda Po, who works in his father's noodle restaurant and dreams of becoming a kung fu fighter. He is picked by wise Oogway to be the next dragon warrior to fight evil Tai-long. But the furious five and their master Shifu are dismayed to see fat bellied panda being crowned the savior. Shifu tries everything in his power to frighten him off the premises of the kung fu school, but ultimately he has to relent. Shifu devises innovative ways to teach kung fu to Po and he defeats the dreaded Tai-long in the end.
Jack black has done a good job as the voice of Po, the kung fu panda. Dustin Hoffman is also impressive as Shifu. Angelina Jolie is not suited as the voice of tigress. She sounds out of character here. I was surprised to see Jacki Chan's name in the cast of characters because I didn't hear his voice in the whole movie. After some digging around, I found that he has lent his voice for monkey. That's a total wastage of his huge talent. But overall, Kung fu panda is a good enjoyable movie.

My Mom's New Boyfriend

Yesterday I watched this movie My Mom's New Boyfriend, starring Meg Ryan and Antonio Banderas and Tom Hank's son Colin Hanks. It is supposed to be a comedy, but it fails to induce laughter. Meg Ryan has turned old and it shows.I liked her in the first few scenes of the movie where she is a fat and bloating women. She looks so adorable. In the rest of the movie, Meg Ryan looks like a cross between Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfifer.
Plot: Henry is an FBI agent, who loves and look after his mother to the point of playing a role of surrogate husband. Obviously he doesn't like it when he is told by FBI boss that he has to encourage her mom's new relationship with an art thief. On top of that, he has to spy on both of them.Later it turns out that the art thief is CIA operative working on a mission ( this one I knew from start, comes from experience you know).
Performance: I don't know why Antonio Banderas hasn't learnt to speak English with proper accent after so many years in Hollywood. May be he has been typecast. He is not at his charming best in My Mom's New Boyfriend. He looks tired.Colin Hanks has done his part well as an overly protective son. Meg Ryan shouldn't open her mouth so wide when she smiles, it doesn't look nice. Why did she had to diet? She was so lovely when she was healthily lean. Now all her features have sharpened and she doesn't look like the Meg Ryan we knew from You have got mail.
My verdict: A passable movie. If you want to watch it, here is the link


Good Bye Errol ( Flynn)

A few weeks ago my mother told me over phone that many of my books have been damaged by termites. I was really upset because one of my favorite books, a biography of Errol Flynn (My Wicked Wicked Ways) was also eaten. This made me to search for ways of how to inspect for termites.I have bought some more movie related books and I don't want them to meet the same end. The article that I found has a lot of useful information on termites. There are several signs of termite presence in your house, such as holes and powdered wood, bubbles on painted wood, a hollow sound when you tap the wood. It is also important to know how termites make home in wood. Humidity is an ideal environment for termites to flourish, so be on look out for any dark and moist places in your home. Also give a thorough check to your new house if you are shifting.

Another Social Site Victim

I read in newspaper today that a thirteen year old boy in Gloucester killed himself because he was being constantly bullied on his bebo homepage. What is happening in this world? This virtual world is killing our kids. A few days ago also I heard similar news. Parents should take some blame too. If a kid has strong support system in the form of family and parents, s/he can tackle not only with such virtual threats but also real ones. I also experienced a similar though mild situation at Jatland, when one of the members made offensive comments on my post. I got angry and retaliated. Then another member PMed me and advised me to let it go. He said that these virtual forums are not our life and we should not make them such an important part of our life that they start interfering with your mental peace.


Funny Pics and Videos

There is a new site called Pic Vi, here you can upload pictures and videos that you find interesting. Many of the uploaded videos are from the you tube. Some are really funny, like the one below. This video is a collection of funny pranks, where unassuming persons get a fright of their life when someone pops out of a cupboard or a trash bin or a kitchen sink.

If you want to upload your pictures or videos on Pic Vi,its very easy. Just register at the site and start uploading.
Another of my favorite videos is the ad of Doritos chips. A man wants to catch the mouse in his house. He puts a small piece of Doritos in the mouse trap and puts the trap in front of the hole. Now he sits on a chair and waits for the mouse to come for the bite and get trapped. Minutes pass, and suddenly a figure jumps out squashing the wall and starts punching the other man.We find out that its a man dressed as a mouse. There is another funny beer commercial, where the customer jumps in the counter to steal a beer. But the bartender comes and the customer has to hide under the counter. Now the bartender (unaware of the fact that someone is hiding under)pushes the beer bottle in the customer's butt to open it with a jerk. A group of guys comes in and ask the bartender to open twenty bottles. Ha ha ha, imagine, the guy under the counter will be greasing his behind forever.


A forum for Football addicts

My husband is a huge soccer fan. He follows every NFL match, sometimes he arrives home early from office just to watch a football match. He has also become a member of an online forum just to be fully informed of the football picks. The forum is new and there are very few posts, but its gaining momentum. One of my husband's colleagues recommended it. As I can do little to stop him watching the game, I also join him. But seriously, I have to think of rationing the hours spent on watching football.

Sarkar Raj: Movie Review

I will give two stars to Sarkar raj. The only tolerable actors in the movie are the ones who played the roles of Somji and Chander. They played their small roles with conviction. Amitabh Bachchan seems to have taken to brooding a lot lately. Our directors also like his new found histrionics. Big B should have devoted more time in conceptualizing his character. In fact this is the weakness of the story, no character is fully developed. Aishwarya and Abhishek's relationship is not shown blossoming, actually there is not a single romantic scene nor do they profess their love for each other in the movie. So when Aishwarya vouches to fulfill the unfinished dream of Shanker( Abhishek Bachchan), it looks synthetic.
There is another problem with Aishwarya, she has put on too much of weight and doesn't look glamorous at all, despite the tailored Armani. I felt so disappointed with Sarkar Raj that I wrote my first review on another of my blogs. My husband says that I have been unfair in giving low marks to Sarkar raj, but then we don't seem to agree on many things now a days.


Star gazing and a Site for Telescopes

Now a days skies are clear, and I want to watch stars. But it is very frustrating that the sun sets past ten in summers. When the sky is clear, you can set the telescope in the attic or in the garden. I remember, our father used to tell a lot of stories about stars when we were kids. I don't have a telescope in this house. Though I am thinking of buying one.
The site I have marked is: optics am thinking of buying a Celestron PowerSeeker 127 EQ Newtonian Telescope from them. They are offering a 36% rebate on it. It is a good telescope, a perfect choice for an amateur star gazer like me. The site has a wide range of optical equipments, right from prescription glasses to binoculars, Sunglasses, magnifiers, sports optics and flash lights.

Jim Carrey has Got Wrinkles

The ever green funny man Jim Carrey has turned old.I saw his recent pictures on E! and I was shocked to see that my once favorite comedian has aged a lot. He might have got cosmetic surgery during his hiatus, as I couldn't recognize him in the pictures. Is he taking botox lessons from Nicole Kidamn? Obviously no, otherwise he would have a smooth as silk skin instead of these horrible wrinkles. Carrey you have disappointed me :(


I Want a Tattoo

I have always been fascinated by tattoos. They are in vogue for centuries. My grand mother had her friend's named tattooed on her arm. In those days children liked to get tattoo when they would go to a fair. I was thinking of getting a tattoo my self when I came across this site, its called Checkoutmy Ink. I decided to check out the tatoos, The site certainly has a vast repertory of tattoos. They have tattoo categories including celebrities, fantasy, tribal, Asian/Chinese, to name a few. Any body can become a member of the site, its free to join. In fact the site has been set up by a group of tattoo lovers just so that anybody can get a good tattoo design for free. The members can share their tattoos by uploading the pictures of the body part that they have got the tattoo on. The site has a forum where you can discuss every thing under the sun, and not only tattoos. I added to my knowledge of tattoos by reading and following the conversations in the hobbies section of the site. The tattoo image which I have uploaded here, belongs to a site member called mayo3. Its amazing how one can transform oneself into a marvelous piece of art.