Block Unwanted Calls

It is really annoying, when you are in middle of something and a the phone buzzes. You take the call thinking that it might be regarding some important issue at the office.Instead, you find out that some photography institute is offering you a portfolio on discount. Now why would you want a portfolio? I have to attend many such annoying calls every day. I was thinking of a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup,so that I get an idea of who is calling me. But then I found a better option. I can add my cell phone no or land line number to No Call List, which is a free service. If you want to enlist your cell phone number then you have to call at (888)382-1222, do as instructed and you are done. You won't be getting unsolicited calls.Land line phone owners have to register at a government website ( for free) donotcall.gov, and they will tell you how you can add your number to no call list. It will take around thirty days to get the services working.

Friends are Coming

My husband's friend is coming with his new bride today. They will be staying with us for three days. I have to go shopping and get some stuff for cooking. I am planning to make Kadhai Paneer. Capsicum are in the fridge. I need to buy Paneer and tomatoes. I will be going to Sainsbury which isn't very far from the house.


Bed Bugs are a Menace

When we shifted here in January, my daughter was all right for first two weeks. Then she started showing some red allergy signs on her cheeks. I thought it might be weather change, so didn't pay much attention. But when the marks didn't disappear after some time, then I had to take it seriously. I suspected the culprit was our sofa in the living room. Its a very old sofa, may be the land lady got it from some second hand sale. I used to let my daughter sleep on the sofa, so that I could keep an eye on her while she sleep. Now I stopped doing that and within a few days, the marks had disappeared. I was right. It were the bed bugs, which had caused those marks. I found some useful information on how to kill bed bug and a photo too. This looks really painful. People aren't really aware of how bed bugs can play havoc with their health.

Nano to Hit the Market in October

The car of the masses is going to be launched commercially in October. I don't know whether its a good news or bad. If the enthusiasm shown by the public is any indication, then Indian roads are going to see an upsurge in number of vehicles. Has anybody thought of environmental issues?
When Nano was announced last year, one of my students made an interesting observation. She said that now we will have a status without spending thousands. She further explained: as Nano is cheaper than an auto rickshaw, we will be soon riding in a Nano because all autos will switch to it.

Its Gummy Bears Time Now

Now its from Bambi to Gummy. Ananya has shifted her attention from Bambi to Gummy Bears. Its a great respite for me. At least for some days I can watch the cartoons without getting bored. But I must keep looking for some other cartoons as well, she may want to watch Bambi again. Then I will have to keep her attention diverted with new cartoons, such as duck tales. Children love new things.


Who Wants to Win a Sony Cyber Shot?

Want to win a sony cyber shot for free? Just head over to tinselvision.com,watch a short video and answer a simple question and you can win a camera. I am not kidding. This new site has partnered with Zee TV, star, B4u, Zoom and Yashraj films to offer download services to the its members You can join for free and download your favorite movies for a minimal price, take part in contest and win prizes or just watch online free content which includes episodes from popular tele serials like Kyonki Saas bhi Kbhi Bahu thi and Kahin to Hoga.Tinselvision is a source of entertainment for all Indian movie fans who live abroad, particularly in US and UK. You get a feel of home when you watch these serials>My favorite is Just Pooja. I love this Bindaas Lass. Just Pooja was aired on Zoom and I used to watch it regularly when I was in India. I was looking for it all over the net and finally got my hands on it here.Well known TV presenter Mini Mathur has hosted the inside tinsel show on the site. And did I tell you that you can become a member of tinselvision for free? So go for it guys.


You can't Beat Jessica Alba

I came across this video just now. It has been uploaded by ibeatyou. Jessica Alba was challenged to participate in the staring contest and she graciously accepted the challenge. I tried to compete with her, but the sexy lady has her eyes glued to the screen without blinking, so I was defeated. See if you are up to the challenge.


Aamir and Shahrukh the Dog

Aamir Khan has again stepped on the wrong foot. This time it is Shahrukh Khan.He has called Shahrukh a DOG, though indirectly.
Aamir writes in his blog that he likes the company of his dog Shahrukh, who was named so by its owner when Shahrukh Khan was shooting in that house.
Now I think this kind of jibe doesn't suit Aamir. I thought of posting a comment on Aamir's blog to register my protest on his choice of jokes. But when I logged onto his blog, I was surprised to see the overwhelming response of Shahrukh fans. They are really angry and it shows in their use of language. I like Aamir more than Shahrukh, but what' wrong is wrong. Shahrukh has responded graciously to this unwarranted post shot. Which he has done before too. watch this video.


A Vacation I Still Remember

One of my childhood friends is a veterinarian. He has his own pet clinic in Atlanta. Last year we decided to surprise him and landed on his door unannounced. It still brings a smile on my face to remember his shock on seeing us. He was shocked alright, we hadn't been in touch for the last four years and suddenly I turned up at his house with my family. Anyways, after the initial shock, he was very excited and jumping all over the house with joy. We had already planned about things to do in Atlanta, but he refused to even look at our lists of things that we had planned. He said that it was his city so he will decide how we spend our time here.
We had a wonderful time. My friend knew about my love for history, so we first went to Atlanta History Center which is a very different kind of museum, with forests and gardens in it. We also got to visit Martin Luther King Jr.national historic site, and saw the house where he was born.
My husband isn't much into art and history, so he and my friend headed for CNN center and Fox studio in the car and I hopped on one of the sightseeing tours, which were organized by Trusted Tours & Attractions. Three days in Atlanta were full of fun.
We have planned to go on a trip to Las Vegas together in December. I have drafted a list of things to do in Las Vegas, but I know that my friend and my husband will do things their way. While surfing for tour itinerary, I came across this information, which I am passing on to you. if you sign up for the news letter by Trusted Tours & Attractions, then you get a chance to win $150 itunes gift card. Good deal, I must say.

I am tired of Bambi

Prince Bambi is the most adorable animal in this whole world and all the children love him. My daughter adores him too. So much that she has to watch Bambi at least five times a day. Ans this is not all. She insists that I should I also watch it with her.I sit with her with my laptop and pretend to watch the cartoon.When she is engrossed in watching Bambi, I slowly slip away and do my chores. But when my daughter realizes that mamma is gone, she shouts for me to come. I am thinking of deleting this disney classic from her laptop;)

A Game that I can also Play

I am not a big fan of video games. Most of them are full of gore and violence. My brother used to play terminator and other games which I don't remember, but what I do remember is the continuous bang bang of bullets and blasts of bombs.
You could call it a girly trait, but I don't agree. I love action movies. Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis are my favorite stars. But somehow I can't make myself play those action games. May be because the task of saving myself and others is not on some action hero, but on me.
Any ways here is a site which I liked, because it offers a free play of a very cute game, called Magic Farm. Its a story of a young florist who has to raise money by selling flowers to search for her lost parents. The players have to help her grow new flowers, finish quests, and win monsters. But there is more on the offer for gore loverstoo.

Bhajji Escapes Life ban

He is again left off the hook. harbhajan Singh has escaped the life ban and let off with a five match ban. I don't understand hhis attitude. He is arrogant and he is always swearing. Such type of attitude has become the in thing in Indian Cricket.But what Bhajji admirers can't see is that we have Sachin Tendulkar too, who made a name for himself through his cricket. This soft spoken cricketer justifies that cricket is truly a gentleman's game. Harbhajan should learn from Sachin.

Find Your Dream Job

My husband is thinking of shifting his company. His work permit will expire in July this year and he is planning to continuing to stay here for another two three years. His present company is fantastic, but they may not be able to extend his work permit beyond July. My husband applied for another job through online recruiting agencies and the response was simply amazing. There were so many positive replies that it now he is finding it difficult which company to choose. The recruiting companies are the bridge between the job seekers and the employers. You send them your resume, and your expected salary and they will forward your resume to the companies, if your resume matches any vacancies you are informed through e-mail.The recruitment sites provide details on various jobs, such as banking jobs, IT jobs, teaching jobs etc.
The other alternative is to search through the database of the recruitment service through keywords or the company name. Now a-days the traditional consultancy is totally redundant. These recruitment services provide you your dream job with in a second. The recruitment sites are also useful for companies. They can search for suitable candidates by sifting through the resumes uploaded on the site. It is beneficial for both the parties. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream job is just a click away.

Cool Aishwarya Rai Videos


Amitabh has Taken to Ash: A Case of Imitation

Have you noticed how similar Amitabh is sounding like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan now a days? He used to give interviews in a very sober and slow manner. Now he has become more aggressive and accented ( American accent) in his speech. I am watching ( and listening) an interview on CNN-IBN while I am writing this post. He sounds just like Aishwarya. She also has that phony American accent and she also shrugs off uneasy and uncomfortable questions with an aggressive attitude. Amitabh bachachan has certainly learned a few tricks from his Bahu Aishwarya. But is n't it the children who should learn from their parents( or elders) in our culture? Now Amitabh Bachchan will be accused of changing the Indian culture! ha ha ha ha


New Media Expo: 4th Annual Meet

I am very excited, I am going to meet my idol Vreonica Belmont in August.You may or may not have heard about Veronica. Here is some information about her. Veronica is a top class podcaster blogger, who also host a technology show. A woman in a men's world, I call her. Anyways, now I have got a chance to participate in 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008, which is going to be held from 14 August to 16 August in Las Vegas. Veronica Belmont is among the keynote speakers at the Expo. Registration fee for full session is $349, but if you want to just have a walk around the corners then you can attend the keynote sessions, which are free for all who have registered before 13th August.

Any Movie Templates for Blogger?

I have been looking for movie themes all over the internet for quite some time now. Blogskins is the only place where I liked some of the themes, but each time I wanted to upload one of them, I will get a message, your template cant be saved because it is not parsed or the html x y z tag is not closed properly.
There are other movie themes also such as lord of the rings, pirates of the Caribbean, but the pictures form the background and I don't think the words will be visible in such kind of background, so I didn't try them. If any of you can suggest me any move based header or border then I would appreciate it a lot.


Get Others Blink at Your Blinkys

So you ask me what is a blinky? If you are the sort of person who is the center of attraction at a party or who likes to be one step ahead than others in experimenting with fashion then blinkeys are for you.Blinkyes are small lights which you can wear anywhere on your body. The best part to be highlighted from these cute battery operated blinkys are ears, nose and fingers. People will gasp and wonder what have you got there on your ear, is it a earring, is it a sticker, is it a tatto? Let them guessing and you just Link to Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinkys.You get to chat with the magic Matt to get advice on which sort of blinky would suit you.

Shahrukh Fails and Amitabh Gloats

Shahrukh's Panchavi pass on Sony is a disaster, and Amitabh Bachchan is enjoying his faliure. He has posted detailed graphics on the reach, and TRP of Paanchvi Pass on his blog. On the pretext of gathering information whether he should venture in this arena again! Good strtegy Mr Bachchan:) You get to make fun of other stars and get away with it by simply adding, I am doing a research.
Any ways I think the resons for the failure of Paanchvi Pass are as follows:
1. Questions are difficult, not general. We watched KBC because we knew we could answer some if not all of the questions. If the level is higher than my capablity, I won't try. Why waste time.
2. IPL is running , and slotted at the same time as Paanchvi Pass. There is a lot more drama there as compared to Paanchavi Pass.You get to see stars, favorite players and eye candy cheerleaders all in one program.
3. Number of channels has increased so you have lot more of options for entertainment. The next
4. Shahrukh is the King but Big B is the emperor of Bollywood. KBC3 failed because they changed the host of the show. Show shouldn't change its host because both come to get identified with each other.KBC was a new concept in India . It pioneered concept of reality TV shows in India.In fact KBC was the first reality show in India.

Why Direct TV is Better Than Cable

There has been so many changes in the channel provider market that it is hard to imagine that once we used to have only one channel, and that too through Antenna. Whenever there was a storm or high winds, the antenna would sway furiously and the Tv showed flickering screen without any pictures or sounds.Times have ceratinly changed for the better. First came the cable television and then we got satellite TV. You didn't need cables for providing and getting TV channels. Direct TV was launched some fourteen years ago and it proved to be a pioneer in providing hight definition channels.
The set up of Direct TV is very easy as compared to cable TV. You get installation free for four rooms if you opt for one year program.
You get more than 150 channels through Direct TV, where as cable TV provides only upto 90 channels for the same payment.
All channels are digital, where as cable may include analog channels too.
Whenever there is maintenance on the roads and lines are dug up, cable TV is down, there is no such problem with Direct TV . You also get high definition local and sports channels with direct TV.


Jhalak Dikhlaja In New Avtar

I found this cute little video which is basically an animation film from Japan. The song Jhalak Dikhlaja is embedded in it. I liked the whole video, so I am posting it for you to enjoy and comment.



Rent a Car and Enjoy the Trip

I went on a trip to Paris with my family two weeks ago. We found that it was very difficult to go around in the city because very few French speak English. Things became even more morbid as we had to spend lots of euro on transport and food. Paris is the costliest city in the world. The trains offer a pass but that is okay if you are for a short duration. We had decided to visit Italy through Euro Star, but the prices put cold showers on our plan. My husband regretted why he didn't learn driving. Then it would have been so very easy and cost effective to plan and enjoy the trip the way we wanted. We could rent a car, go which ever way we wanted and it wouldn't cost a fraction as the plane or train tickets.
There is this car rental service which not only provides car rentals in various US cities, but in all the major cities of the world as well. You have to fill an online form detailing the dates of pick up and drop off, the airport where you will be landing and the type of car you want to hire and you will get a rate quote. I think the prices competitive and there are a lots of offers and discounts too. If you fly on sun Country airlines then you will get a free day on this car rental service's package.

Review : U Me Aur Hum

It's raining directors in Bollywood. First actor Amir khan turned director with TZP, and now it is Ajay Devgan who has donned the cap of director in U Me Aur Hum. Captain Ajay Devgan has successfully sailed his ship to the shores of Bollywood box office. The movie U Me Aur Hum is an emotional entertainer, with light moments scattered through out. U Me Aur Hum underlines the need for understanding and commitment to make a relationship work.

The romantic journey starts and ends on a cruise, where the psychiatrist Ajay ( Ajay Devgan) meets Piya ( Kajol), the stewardess. He leaves a bad impression on her and she leaves him smitten with her beauty and brains. Ajay decides to persuade Piya of his eternal love, after some resistance, Piya relents. They get married and when the initial aura of honeymoon and romance, subsides the realities of the day strike with full force. Both Ajay and Piya are caught in a web of lies and deceit. It seems that their relationship will be torn apart but as they say, true love triumphs in the end.

The movie is a bit long, but diehard Kajol fans won't miss this film at any cost. Kajol is as refreshing as ever and Ajay sails through the movie with his natural acting.

Get Movie Coupons Here

There is nothing like snatching a good discount on your favorite product. There is a site I use frequently for discount deals on movie DVDs and CDs. The deals are too tempting to resist. For example at savings.comyou get the first movie for only 99 cents. Now that's what I call a deal.
There is no fee, you don't need to fill any form to get registered, simply browse through the coupons and select what you need. It is a storehouse of lots of coupons in different categories such as jewelry, computers, gifts, home and garden and many more. There is another coupon which gives you 70% off on fragrances by Avon. There are other good deal coupons on offer for a lot of girly things like shampoo, skin care, cosmetics etc. I recently saved $75 on a hotel booking that I did through Last Minute Deals We had to go for a friend's wedding to Canada and needed to book a hotel; I checked and found that there were so many deals and discounts available. I got confused at first, but later decided on aforesaid coupon, because it suited us best.
You can search for coupons through categories or by the name of the store or brand. You will find the coupons for many of the big brands, like Dell, amazon, apple etc. I am also thinking of buying mother's day gift through the coupons available at the site.
Another good deal is on Orbitz promo codes. You get a minimum discount of 10% on already discounted items. It’s a clearance sale coupon.

Carrie Bradshaw is getting married

So we hear that the evergreen spinster of Sex and the City, Carrie is finally getting hitched. I wonder what her other lovers have to say about it. Sex and the city movie has seen so many ups and downs and speculations that people's curiously has taken a deep nose dive. I don't think many people will like to watch the movie which took so long to be made. But on the otherhand, die hard SATC fans will definitely enjoy the movie. Here is a sneek peek:


Raj Kapoor Must be Turning in His Grave

A few days back I wrote the review of Tashan. I mentioned that how Kareena Kapoor is looking so hot in this movie. My husband read the review and laughingly said that Raj Kapoor must be turning in his grave if he could see his grand daughter in bikini.
Kareena in Bikini - The best bloopers are a click awayRaj Kapoor was the greatest showman of Indian film industry. But he also liked to show off the skin off her female leads. Rememeber Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Mera naam Joker and Raam teri Ganga Meli? I wonder Dawood Ibrahim got hooked on those bare breasts of Mandakini when he saw her bathing under a Jharna in RTGM.he he he he. Just kidding. But it is really ironical that Raj Kapoor encouraged his heroin to expose, didn't allow his family's females to work in movies and now his own grand daughter is making news with her bare body and bikini shots.


Help me Complete the Story

This is a story that I wrote a long time ago. A girl was born to poor parents. She grew up a beautiful but melancholy young woman. Her beauty attracted many suitors but she wasn't interested in any of them. Her parents were worried that she will have to live alone all her life if she continues to reject marriage proposals. Then one day a rich and handsome man came to their town. He noticed this young girl when she was picking flowers in her garden. This was love at first sight for the old man. Yes, he was an old man who was twice her age. He couldn't resist her charm and beauty, and one day went to her and declared his love. The young girl accepted his proposal, despite her parents' refusal..................Now who is going to help me complete the story.

Dhoop Kinare: Best Pakistani TV Drama Ever

How many times have you watched Dhoop kinare? My score is forty five. This is one romance that you can never forget.I have watched this Pakistani classic drama 45 times and still watch it. Dhoop Kinarey was and will always be my favorite serial on PTV. In early 90s, the Indian market was flooded with video cassettes of top class Pakistani serials. Indian Tv serial was in its nascent stage and didn't have much to offer after Hum Log. We  watched Pak tele serials once every six months. It used to be a huge occasion.  Papa would bring Namkeen and cold drinks while returning from hospital( he is a surgeon) and he would invite all his friends to watch. It was like preparing  for a picnic.Dhoop Kinarey was always on  top list of us kids and our  parents would argue that we should watch new serials, but we would convince them to watch Dhoop Kinarey just one more time.
After my marriage, I made my husband to watch Doohp Kinarey with me. He is a Govinda fan, so he was very reluctant to watch something that will make him think but he also enjoyed every bit of it. Dhoop Kinare can be watched on youtube, I am providing a link here for those of you who want to again relish the innocent masti baazi of Zoya and Anji, and the emotional tribulations of a very Sensitive Dr. Ahmer. I love the poems that is played in the background in Dhoop KInare. I think it is a Faiz Ahmed Faiz couplet.
Raat youn dil mein teri khoi hui yaad ayi
Jaise veeranay mein chupke se bahar ajaye
Jaise sehraon mein holay se chali baad-e-naseem
Jaise beemar ko bewaja qarar ajaye


Need a Fast Loan?

When the last week of the month approaches, most of the middle class people have to look somewhere to get some cash. With rising cost of daily use products, it is next to impossible to survive a cash emergency. To get on with paying the bills and tackling the sudden need of money, good options are thepayday loans. Most of the companies provide cash advance within a day. You don’t have to run around bank officials to procure some money, because money can now be arranged on the internet.
Getting a Payday loan ensures that you don't need to cancel a long planned holiday, which otherwise you may have to postpone because of an unexpected expenditure. Sites like paydayuk, provide you with payday loans anywhere between £80-£750. You can submit your loan application through their fast application form and you will have to wait just a few minutes to know whether you have been selected for the loan or not. If your application is approved, then amount is transferred in your account within twenty four hours. People with bad credit history may also qualify for these loans, depending on their most recent circumstances.
The repayment of payday loans isn't difficult at all. The amount is simply deducted from your debit card. It is as simple as that.

Another No Skin Show Pledge? Let's See

Another newcomer heroin has declared that she will not dare and bare her skin. She is Dolly of Om Shanti Om. Yes I am talking about Yuvika Chaudhary. Yuvika has said that she will work only in those movies which see can watch with her family. Good lines Yuvika, but we have to see if you remember them five years down the line.
Yuvika is the same girl who was discovered during Zee cine star ki khoj and who played Astha in Zee's Astitva- Ek Prem Kahani. She left the serial midway amidst the rumors that she had a rift with the main lead Nikki Aneja, who played the main lead. Nikki apparently favored Upasna Shukla on the sets, which didn't go down well with Yuvika. She left for greener pastures, and it seems that her filmi career has has took off. She is very fortunate that she got success so early in her career.
By the way, do you know that Yuvika was caught by the ticket on a train, because she didn't have a ticket?


A Fitting Reply by Big B

Amitabh has broken his dignified silence and retorted back to the accusations leveled against him in Midday.His blog has become like his last refuge from the always-harping-scoop-seeking journalists. Here he has shared his views and thoughts on many issues which may or may not involve him.Media is clearly irritated. Now the recusive Big B is not unreachable for the masses, they are not going to get any leads from him.Reason? His fans already know every detail worth knowing about him, through his blog. They are there when he writes that he is going for shooting, they read him when he pens his response to Shatrughan Sinha or Ramadoss. Neither Big B nor the public wants media now. So it is quite undersatndable why Midday and its like are irritated with Amitabh Bachachan.



Aamir Injured Again, and who is the Culprit this Time?

The culprit is the same one that caused the injuries first time round. Yes you guessed it right. Its the Thermocole! Aamir thinks that both the incidents happened because muscle couldn't take the stress due to a fall on thermocole.Well Aamir, are you going to fire the fight master,( it was his idea to spread thermocole for the fall), or going to take some rest and let the hamstring get back to where it has? Dedication to work is one thing, and foolishness is other.


Amitabh Bachchan Responds to Ramadoss, and the Fight Continues

It seems that neither of the factions involved, are interesting in keeping their swords in sheath. Health minister Ramadoss started a controversy in February that Shahrukh and Amitabh Bachchan should learn a lesson from Aamir khan on how to use creative liberty for good cause. He was referring to the smoking scenes in the movies and his ministry's decision to ban such scenes. Shahrukh later defended it saying that smoking on screen is a part of creative liberty. Ramadoss was not a step behind, in retorting.
Now it is Amitabh Bachchan's turn to defend the film industry. Amitabh has said that the health minister should first check his knowledge about arts and films and then try to intervene. The government should do what it preaches. There are no punishments for those who make these products, only filmwallahs are made scapegoats, because they are the soft targets. Amitabh Bachchan said
With national suicide rates soaring, would you strip Hamlet of his bare bodkin? Would you ban his immortal lines whether to be or not?


Want to Meet Aamir Khan?

There is a very easy way to meet the reclusive and media shy Aamir khan. Set up a blog, comment on his blog, regularly follow his updates and chances are that you will get an invitation when Aamir Khan shoots for his movie in your city.
This is exactly what happened in Hyderabad, where Aamir is currently shooting for his new movie Ghajani, the remake of Rajnikanth's film. Aamir met the bloggers from Hyderabad and felt that it was a remarkable experience for him. Aamir Khan said
It was really nice for me to see the eyes and hear the thoughts, put faces to names.

During the meeting,some bloggers noticed that he had a red eye may be due to the injuries he suffered during the shooting of Ghajani. But it turned out that Aamir is suffering from conjunctivitis. The bloggers were all gaga over his perfect hosting. Aamir was asked to taste the famous Hyderabadi Biryani.