Dhoop Kinare: Best Pakistani TV Drama Ever

How many times have you watched Dhoop kinare? My score is forty five. This is one romance that you can never forget.I have watched this Pakistani classic drama 45 times and still watch it. Dhoop Kinarey was and will always be my favorite serial on PTV. In early 90s, the Indian market was flooded with video cassettes of top class Pakistani serials. Indian Tv serial was in its nascent stage and didn't have much to offer after Hum Log. We  watched Pak tele serials once every six months. It used to be a huge occasion.  Papa would bring Namkeen and cold drinks while returning from hospital( he is a surgeon) and he would invite all his friends to watch. It was like preparing  for a picnic.Dhoop Kinarey was always on  top list of us kids and our  parents would argue that we should watch new serials, but we would convince them to watch Dhoop Kinarey just one more time.
After my marriage, I made my husband to watch Doohp Kinarey with me. He is a Govinda fan, so he was very reluctant to watch something that will make him think but he also enjoyed every bit of it. Dhoop Kinare can be watched on youtube, I am providing a link here for those of you who want to again relish the innocent masti baazi of Zoya and Anji, and the emotional tribulations of a very Sensitive Dr. Ahmer. I love the poems that is played in the background in Dhoop KInare. I think it is a Faiz Ahmed Faiz couplet.
Raat youn dil mein teri khoi hui yaad ayi
Jaise veeranay mein chupke se bahar ajaye
Jaise sehraon mein holay se chali baad-e-naseem
Jaise beemar ko bewaja qarar ajaye

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