Desi Girls: Who is Your Favorite?

Desi Girls started in March 2010. I was in India then and used to watch it. My son wouldn't eat anything if TV was not switched on. So I tried different channels to make him interested in eating and he got hooked on Desi Girls. It is a reality show on NDTV. Eight city girls are chosen to live in a village in Punjab. They have to perform all the duties and live like a villager.My favorite is Ishita. She is the one who is not unnecessarily rude, never abusive and does her share of tasks honestly. Like the one involving the cleaning of the grille guard . Kashmira Shah as usual shirked work, but Ishita went to join the girls' party only after she was done with cleaning duty.
After coming to London, I forgot all about Desi Girls. Only yesterday did I thought of watching some episodes on youtube. The episode where Sambhawana Seth is ousted, is really nice. This lady should have been out from the first nomination. She is really loud, aggressive and intolerable. I don't know how Monica Bedi finds her a pleasant person to become friends with. There was another girl, Anmol. She was also genuine. Anmol was the youngest among all of them. She was paired with Roshni Chopra, and had to perform all the tasks alone as Roshni would successfully ditch her to enjoy herself.


Football Fever Everywhere

Yesterday when I was bringing my daughter home, from the nursery, I saw so many young students ( from the nearby primary school) honking trumpets. Boys and girls had their face painted in red cross. Everybody was in a festive mood. I am no fan of football, but even I have caught this football bug. I am really keen to know the results each day. The cleaner, who comes on Monday for the weekly cleaning service, is from Brazil. Naturally she is rooting for Brazil. She claims Brazil will win.

Watch TV Online

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SeeSaw. All opinions are 100% mine.


This is a review of an online portal for watching TV programs. It's called SeeSaw. I have been sitting on my laptop feeling frustrated for the last few days. My husband isn't letting me watch TV, as he is busy with the World Cup. It is as if he is the sole living soul in the house. He has the control over remote all the time. So I have taken refuge at SeeSaw.

The site offers different programmes to watch online. You can watch some for free, as well as rent certain programmes. The site has good collection of serials from BBC, Fie and 4oD. You can even watch US programmes too. My favorite one is Alias, starring Jenifer Garner. Its 22 episodes are available for only 99p. Isn't that non pricey! You can even win an apple mac book or an apple i pod by filling a survey for SeeSaw.
The site's Comedy Section has over a hundred programmes which are free to watch. My favorite ones are " The IT Crowd" and " The Thick of It". Just now I was watching " That Mitchell and Webb Look" and it had me in splits. I have bookmarked my favourite comedy programmes and I will be watching them at leisure.

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Big B still Blogging

Today I went to read Amitabh Bachchan's blog on big adda. He is still blogging even after two years! There have been many stars like Nana Patekar and Bipasha basu, who blogged to promote a particular film and then logged out for good. But Big B is continuously blogging. It seems like he takes blogging very seriously. As if he has a responsibility towards his readers.
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