Holiday Frames

Recently I have been experiencing head aches and pain in my right eye. I went to the doctor, but he said that my eye sight is perfectly fine. The reason for aches and pain can be tension in the muscle around the eyes. He has told me to do some exercises, which are very simple. I am a little disappointed. I had already selected a pair of Holiday frames for me ( the picture is on the left).
The site which sells a variety of prescription glasses, has some good frames. Though I didn't like the image on their site's banner. Its a bald old man with glasses. Instead they could have used the image of a smart and savvy business woman with glasses. But the prices are competitive and reasonable, and that' what matters. More over the site's design and interface is also user friendly. If you don't understand the terms used in the options form, you can get their meaning by clicking the help beside it. For example it is described in detail how to measure Pupillary Distance. Here is another picture of the sunshades which I liked for my husband. Its brown frame caught my eyes instantly. The frames are available in two more colors; black and burgundy.


Christmas Carol

Mmmm...smell of Christmas. I watched A Christmas carol on ITV. Wasn't impresses much. I am sure there are better Christmas movies than this. Yea.... Home Alone is one of them. Macaulay Culkin was sure a cute kid. But Home alone is not strictly a Christmas movie, right? I think Bridget Jones' Diaries is also based around Christmas. I have to check it.....later.