Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 Feb 2012

Arnav is frantic when he finds Khushi's slipper and broken bangle on the road. He runs after the ambulance, but to no avail. Arnav ki ankho ke aage woh saare pal ghoom jaate hain jab woh aur khushi ek doosare ke kareeb the. Woh turant police walon se poochta hai ki ambulance kaunse hospital mein gai hai aur gaadi daudata hai. Hospital pahoonch kar woh paglon ki tarah emergency ward dhoondta hai, jahan khushi ko le jaya gaya hai. His eyes are searching for her, praying every second that she be okay.

And when finally when his eyes find her, he is filled with huge relief .........and Love. A love that he never admitted and is still hesitant to admit. Khushi doesn't suffer from major injuries and the doctor has given permission to take her home. Nanhe wheel chair lane jata hai. Arnav Khushi ko godi mein utha kar le jane lagta hai to Khushi protests. But Arnav doesn't listen and continues to walk, as if he is carrying the most precious and delicate flower in his hand.

He looks down at khushi with such tenderness that all the protests die in her throat and she can't tear her gaze away from him. Arnav Kushi ko gaadi mein baitha hai, tabhi uski nazar Khushi ki kalai par lagi chot par padti hai. Woh tenderly chot saaf karta hai aur kalaai choom leta hai. Khushi ke tan-badan main sihran si daud jati hai. ...........................Rest break ke baad :)

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