Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ( IPKKND) Spoiler

I am in love with Kushi. I love Arnav too, but Khushi is my Jan. Now that doesn't make me a lesbian. I have been pro girs/ females from teen, but that doesn't make me a feminist. Smart and beautiful girls make me turn my head AND I am happily married with two kids.

Anyways, I was saying that I love Khushi's character in IPKKND. It's bubbly, vivacious and carefree, as well as sensitive. I see a lot of younger me in her. As you grow old, you become cynical. Now, don't go and stop reading my blog, thinking that it's only an old hag babbling. I love to see the stats in my blogger dashboard and love the fact that so many of you come to read whatever I write. My only grudge is that you, my readers, don't respond much.

Anyways, lets come to the matter at hand. Arnav has come to know about his Jija's lecherous nature. Now what will he do? In true Mills and Boon tradition,  Arnav will keep this information to himself. And as I said in my earlier post, he marries Khushi to save his sister's marriage.

There were so many twists and turns after I wrote the earlier post that I started doubting my knowledge of Hindi serials. But now I am 100% sure that Arnav will marry Khushi for his sister's sake and not out of love. Then there will be lots of misunderstandings created by Jija Shyam and also due to Arnav's own jealousy. So let's wait and watch if my prediction comes true! Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings :)

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