THe best Serial and Episode Ever IPKKND Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Arnav and Khushi Declare Their Love

Till today, my favoritest episode of IPKKND was 23rd January, when Arnav comes to Kushi's rescue and dances with her. The dance sequence was so erotic and beautifully performed by both Barun and Sanaya. Their faces are so expressive. I have not seen such a good performance on Indian Television lately. I think Barun isn't a good dancer, that's why we don't see him performing in award shows, or participating in dance competitions on telly.
I had watched an episode of 'Baat Hamari Pakki hai' where he is dancing in front of jail warden and other cops. That was the funniest dance I had seen. But you couldn't guess that Barun can't dance while watching 23rd January's episode. He moves so graciously and lifts Khushi with effortless ease.
But today's episode was just amazing, simply outstanding. There were so many highlights: Khushi holding Arnav's hand and stopping him from going, Arnav wiping tear from his eye after Khushi declares her love for him and faints, Arnav leaning close over Khushi on poolside, Arnav telling Khushi, in a voice husky from emotions, their hearts beat like one.
 I have watched this episode 10 times now, and love love love it. I know what Arnav did and said was under the influence of Bhaang and when he comes to his senses he will be his old grumbling self again. But this episode is worth downloading and watching on each Valentines day :)) Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings :)

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